What can I do with CGI Access?
What is CGI (Common Gateway Interface)? To put it simply it's a way to create really cool applications. You can create dynamic content that engages your visitors. Here are a few examples of how CGI Access can improve your website.
Weblogs Online journals are all the rage today. You may have seen or read a weblog online, well now you can create your own.
Forums Want to create a community-like atmosphere, where people with the same interests can freely share information? Try adding a forum or bulletin board. There are many forums to choose from.
Web Portals Do want your site to look like Yahoo or AOL? Create a portal complete with news, surveys, multi-links - neatly organized on your homepage.
Calendars Do you need to organize your life? Add a calendar to your site, and keep track of group, family and personal schedules.
With CGI access, you can use CGI, MySQL and phpMyAdmin and more.