Free Web Counter

Want to know how many people are checking out your website? Keeping track of your visitors is a great way to know how successful your website really is. Displaying this count also lets visitors to your site see its popularity. If you want to increase your traffic, knowing how many visitors each of your web pages has attracted allows you to identify the most frequently visited pages and optimize them for the greatest impact or improve on the pages that are being overlooked to convert them into what your visitors are looking for.

How Will You Keep Track?

Adding a website counter is a popular way to keep track of site visitors, and you should have no trouble finding a free counter online. Even so, not every counter on the internet is trustworthy. If it's important to you to start counting your visitors, you want to be certain that your counter is delivering accurate information. When you add the free web counter from Freeservers to your pages, you can be confident that the number you see on your counter truly represents the number of visitors your website attracted. No matter which web hosting package you choose, even our free web hosting, the web counter feature will be available to you.

Easy Installation

Counting your website visitors has never been easier than it is with this simple tool from Freeservers. You don't need an understanding of online design or programming languages; all you need to do is place a simple HTML tag on the page or pages of your site that you wish to track. This easy step creates the display on your page, and you'll be able to see the number of visitors to that page wherever you put the tag. We even offer a variety of styles, so you can choose whichever matches your site best. The styles range from a text counter to a graphic counter that you can customize to your taste. Our easy-to-use website counter is just one of the simple tools Freeservers offers as a part of our free web hosting package. Get started creating your own free website today!