Easy-to-Use Website Copier

There are many reasons why you may want to move your existing website to a new host. Perhaps you're frustrated with your present web hosting company due to a lack of space or speed. Or maybe you're being charged excessively for your server space or are dealing with less than ideal up-time. You may be looking for better features than what your current web host is providing. No matter what your reasons, Freeservers will not only give you the high-quality web hosting service and features you need at the right price, but will also make copying your existing site to our servers quick and easy with our website copier.

At first glance, moving your website may seem a little overwhelming and intimidating, particularly if you have never done it before. As you may be aware, transferring your site incorrectly can lead to lost files, deleted websites, or prolonged downtime that can cause you to lose visitors. The quality website copier tool from Freeservers lets you transfer your site without worrying about any of these pitfalls. Our SiteCopier is an invaluable tool that can move your site to our server faultlessly.

After choosing the Freeservers web hosting plan that best meets your needs, you can use SiteCopier to transfer your existing site to our servers.

Seamless Transitioning

Our SiteCopier is a one-of-a-kind tool that specializes in smooth website host transfers. Our copier will move your website seamlessly and completely, so that your visitors never notice the transition. Whether your website is a single web page or a large site with thousands of pages, our tool will transfer it with ease. With SiteCopier from Freeservers working for you, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your site is being transferred correctly

Easy, One-Click Copier

We understand how difficult moving websites can be, which is why SiteCopier makes it stress-free by handling the entire process for you.

Once you input the address of your existing website, the copier utility makes an exact copy of the site and transfers the copy to our server in a matter of seconds, showing you the progress along the way. SiteCopier is completely automated, so the entire process is simple for you. Our website copier transfers all your content files, links, applications and scripts, shopping carts, email accounts, and database programs to your Freeservers webspace safely and quickly. All it takes is one click of your mouse. Using the copier utility is a quick and simple means of ensuring that your entire website and all of your files are transferred and no file is lost. There is no FTP information required to move your site; the transfer takes place directly from server to server.

As soon as the copier completes the transfer, your site is visible at your new Freeservers web address. You can begin working on your pages and using all the tools included in your Freeservers web hosting package immediately. With the website copier from Freeservers, you will save time, bandwidth, and reduce your site's downtime so that your visitors and customers can still access your website. Using SiteCopier is the easiest way to transfer your existing site so that you can start enjoying the benefits Freeservers offers right away!