Slide Show Creator
Free Photo Hosting Slide Shows are a great way to display multiple images on your site. Your visitors can easily view groups of images by clicking through them on your Slide Show.

To create a new Slide Show, all you need to do is either select what images you want (from your current site), or upload new pictures. After selecting the images you want to appear, you can modify how you want the images to be displayed. The thumbnail images and navigation between images will be created for you.

Simple navigation allows your visitors to view the images in your Slide Show. They can go to the previous or next image, or choose to view all the images in thumbnail form.

Thumbnails allow you to view all the images in the Slide Show quickly and easily. From the thumbnail page, you can go directly to the exact picture you're looking for simply by clicking on it. The Slide Show menu will take you to other Slide Shows also.

The Featured Image element allows you to showcase the images from your Slide Show. If you choose, this HTML element will randomly display a picture from your Slide Show in a small HTML table that you can place anywhere on your site.